How to Store Your Boat in Interior Self Storage

Published on 8/9/2021


Storing a boat in Maine isn’t quite as simple as pulling it into a unit and shutting the doors, especially when storing it for the winter. If you want it to be ready to start up in the spring and avoid costly repairs, you’ll need to prepare your boat properly.

Follow these quick steps to get your boat ready for self storage:

  • Before putting your boat in storage, give it a thorough cleaning, inside and out.
  • Conduct a visual inspection to identify any repairs that need to be made. It’s best to have any repairs made before storing the boat.
  • All electronics and the battery should be removed and stored in a safe place, off the floor.
  • Wash the battery and lightly grease the terminal ends of the battery and the cables.
  • Anything that can mildew, like cushions and life jackets, needs to be removed from the boat and stored separately.
  • If you have a refrigerator, clean it and leave the door open to increase ventilation.
  • Put several open boxes of baking soda around the boat to absorb moisture.
  • Change the oil and the oil filter before you store the boat, as dirty oil can thicken and make the boat hard to start.
  • Fill the gas tank and add stabilizer to keep the gas clean.
  • Add antifreeze to the cooling system and the supply lines for the water faucets and shower.
  • To prepare the engine for storage, change the transmission fluid and wipe down the engine with a towel coated with WD-40.
  • Even indoor boat storage requires a good cover, with no tears or holes. Make sure the boat is covered tightly, and that your cover has good ventilation.

When the good weather comes back around, you’ll be ready to hop in and hit the water in no time!

MidMaine Storage Solutions has been offering interior boat storage since 2013.  Our 2 facilities can accommodate most boat sizes to 13'6" in head height. Both site have 24/7 security cameras and are pest free. Click here for additional information.