How to Store a Car for Winter and More Great Tips

Published on 8/9/2021

Indoor Classic Car Storage

Antique & Classic Car Storage:  How to Store a Car for Winter and More Great Tips

As a collector, you either spend years saving, searching for, and restoring your dream car or, if you’re lucky enough, spending the cash for a showroom-quality specimen. In either case, you’ll want to protect your investment at all costs. 

When it comes to a classic car’s storage, your investment isn’t the only thing at play here.   

Where You Can Store Your Car 

Most collector car insurance policies have specific guidelines and requirements for vehicle storage. Each insurance plan is different, but you’re usually good to go if you store your car under one of these scenarios.

Home Garage 

If you own a home, chances are you also own a reliable storage option for your antique car – your garage. Storing your vehicle in a residential garage provides protection from the elements, and at least some degree of protection against moisture fluctuation as well. Plus, garage storage ensures that car lovers are never far from their precious ride. 

Classic Car Storage

Dedicated storage facilities are certainly one of the safest ways to store your cars for the harsh Maine winters, but there are a few caveats that come with this as well. 

24-7 camera surveillance. Safe and secure from the elements—including rodents,  provides you with the peace of mind that your car is safe from mold and rust.  

On the downside, the rental costs for a professional facility add up over time.

Private Buildings

Arguably the best collector car off-premise storage option, a private building is another insurer-approved solution. You could store your car in a building on or off your property, and the benefits of this type of storage will vary depending on the type of building. 

A detached garage or barn are popular options, with a detached garage typically providing the most protection. Carports can provide protection against the sun and snow, but not against all elements like moisture fluctuation, so they’re a less desirable solution for collectible car storage.

More Classic Car Storage Tips

We’ve been sharing your passion and excitement for antique cars since the hobby first captivated us over 40 years ago. As devoted and knowledgeable car lovers who appreciate details, here are our best tips for storing your collector car. 

Fill Your Tank (and Treat it, Too)

This tip is especially good advice for when we need to winterize our cars. Keeping a full tank reduces the chances of rust or fuel contamination. If you’re storing your car for an extended period, be sure to add fuel stabilizer and let the engine run for a good 15 to 20 minutes to ensure that it circulates through the engine. 

Get an Oil Change

Remember to change your car’s oil and filter before storing it for the winter. By doing so, you can reduce the chance of contaminants degrading the engine over the winter. Plus, it ensures you’re ready to go in the spring.

Park on a Moisture Barrier 

Using a moisture barrier can help prevent moisture from the floor contributing to rust, mold, and rot in a vehicle’s undercarriage. You can do this by placing a large plastic sheet between your storage unit or garage’s concrete floor and the vehicle’s underside. 

Car Lifts

Have you considered a car lift for your garage? 2 and 4-post lifts are quite affordable these days, and allow those with high ceilings to be able to utilize that extra space for car storage. Some modifications to your current garage door track may be necessary, but a simple solution like a Jackshaft door opener is an easy option for most.

And for those who live in flood-prone areas, the added benefit of a car lift may save your classic car from rising waters.

Remove the Battery 

When storing for the season, always make sure to remove the car’s battery, starting with the negative terminal. Store the battery somewhere safe, dry, and off the floor.  

MidMaine Storage Solutions has been renting storage space for classic car enthusiasts since 2013. We have 2 locations to store your investment.  

When the good weather comes back around, you’ll be ready to hop in and hit the road in no time!  Click here for additional information.

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