Preventing Camper Theft

Published on 7/25/2021

 No one wants to imagine that their RV or camper or the things inside of it will be stolen, but it’s always a possibility. If you aren’t vigilant, a thief could rob you blind. There are two basic threats facing a trailer. Like a car, they can be simply stolen, and like a house, they can be broken into. Either circumstance could lead to a serious hit in terms of losing both costly items and beloved possessions.

You don’t have let that happen though, and MidMaine Storage Solutions here to provide you with a few tips for stopping would-be robbers. Read on to learn more.  

Smart Parking

In real estate, the common saying is “location, location, location!” and in RV security, a similar logic applies. There are locations where you will be more likely to have a break in or vehicle theft, and there are locations where you’ll be less likely to have one. Often, thieves will look for an RV that has some level of seclusion so that they can ply their trade without fear of being discovered. Secluded corners of campgrounds can be dangerous for this reason. If you can find some real isolation, away from normal campgrounds and high traffic areas, you might be able to give yourself an advantage.

In addition to where you park, it’s also important to consider how you park. If you have a travel trailer or camper, it’s simple enough for a thief to back their own truck up to your hitch, hook up, and drive away with your trailer. A hitch dolly will allow you to easily turn your trailer around so the hitch isn’t accessible from the road. Just make sure to lock the hitch dolly up in a place where the thieves can’t get it!

Keeping Your RV Secure

Being vigilant with your normal security measures is extremely important. Keeping your door locked whenever you’re away from your camper is a valuable first step, but it might not be enough. As much as possible, try to keep your windows closed and latched shut. A thief can simply cut the screen on an open window and climb inside. It may seem like a pain to think about this every time you leave your trailer, but these simple diversions can help to keep thieves away.

Reducing Temptations for Theft

Anything of value that a thief can see from the outside of your camper or trailer will essentially be a guaranteed profit, and they’ll be more likely to put in the work to get it. Try to keep things like laptops, tablets, cell phones, wallets, guns, and purses out of view, especially when you leave the camp. If you want to take it a step further, you can invest in a lockbox or safe inside your RV to keep your possessions safe. This will help you to deter thieves from your valuables, even if they find their way inside.

Security Equipment

In addition to the standard locks and latches, there are a few good products on the market for keeping your RV safe. There are now a variety of alarm and electronic security systems available to the RV owner that can be stalled with relative ease. Some of these systems even feature things like cell phone connectivity so that you can check on the status of your trailer or RV wherever you go. A GPS tracking device is another helpful item if your RV gets stolen, but if you want to prevent that from happening in the first place, pick up a trailer hitch lock. These slide over your trailer hitch and keep it from being used to tow your trailer away.

Winter Storage 

Winter storage can at times be tricky and potentially misleading. Consider your investment. Protect your investment.  Some things to consider for your winter storage:

·         What is your most important consideration?  Price or security?

·         Do you want your RV/camper exposed to the harsh Maine winter elements? Snow, ice, freezing rain?

·         Is the storage facility secure? Does it have 24/7 camera security.

·         Can just anyone access the storage facility once your vehicle is parked?

·         Are there rodent control procedures in place?

·         What is the reputation of the facility?


MidMaine Storage Solutions offers 24/7 camera surveillance at our indoor Corinna, Maine Facility.