RVer Job Exchange Offers Opportunities Beyond Traditional Workcamping

Published on 8/4/2021
With the acclaim following Nomadland’s release and awards received, the world has learned a bit about the often-overlooked RV lifestyle and the people who enjoy it. Though workcamping and seasonal jobs, as depicted in the film, are common sources of income for RVers, the pandemic has expedited a rise in remote work among this mobile population.

As employers across North America shutter their pricey office buildings in favor of enabling their employees to work full-time from anywhere, the more adventurous among those employees are hitting the road. They yearn to travel while retaining their positions as graphic designers, programmers, marketers, writers, project managers, customer service representatives, and so much more.

Continued Rise in Remote Work Among RVers

The RVer Job Exchange (RVJE) was created to serve people like this, RVers who want to earn an income while they travel. Though it still includes more traditional workcamping gigs like camp hosting at popular parks, gate guarding busy oil fields, and managing seasonal RV parks, RVJE also caters to remote jobs like those mentioned above. The demand for these roles is overwhelming- in its first week of relaunch, RVJE saw more than 300 new applicants and nearly 100 new positions posted. In that time, we’ve also seen employers connect with and hire qualified RVers!

Through the exchange, Escapees also advocates for RVers as remote workers. As shown in Nomadland, many presume RVers are homeless, unskilled, or on permanent vacation. That couldn’t be further from the truth, but plenty of employers believe those assumptions are accurate. RVJE showcases the many skills and talents of RVers and emphasizes the out-of-the-box approach that is requisite for RV life. Allowing employees the flexibility to travel and work can make for a happier and more dedicated team.

“I can honestly say that working for a company that understands RVing and RVers was the best decision I could have made. It's a relief knowing that I don't have to hide my RV travels from my employer,” says Jeannie Dees, a user of RVJE who successfully found full-time employment via the Exchange.

Remote work among RVers has become so popular in the last year that Escapees RV Club recently hosted a virtual conference focused solely on this demographic of jobseekers, the Rethinking Remote Work conference. More than 3,000 attendees learned about building businesses on the road, bringing your corporate job on the road with you, managing income tax as a traveling remote worker, and more.

Sharee Collier, project manager for the conference as well as for RVer Job Exchange, has spent years helping RVers find workcamping jobs throughout North America. “Workcamping was my ticket to travel! It has led to 7 years of RV life, including many seasonal jobs, publishing my first book Live Camp Work: A Beginner’s Guide to Workamping, the growth of my website Live Camp Work, as well as amazing opportunities like working directly with Escapees RV Club to help connect RVers to the vast variety of jobs available for nomads!”

Who better to help build and support your RV brand and business than talented RVers who know your market from the inside-out? Whether you need creative skills to improve your branding, website, or social media presence, or you need organizational skills to oversee projects and launches, there is a candidate on the RVer Job Exchange ready to help you and your company meet your goals.

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