Published on 9/9/2021


Motorhomes need a great deal of preparation before going into storage, whether you are keeping your vehicle parked outside or in a cushy indoor RV storage facility. Below is a brief checklist of all of the tasks you need to attend to when winterizing your RV.

  • Electrical  Turn off all electrics and remove the battery. Store the battery separately in a room temperature environment.
  • Water system – Clean out your sewage tanks and water tanks. Don’t forget to drain toliets and the water heater. Flush the system with a mix of water and bleach or baking soda.
  • Pipe protection – Make sure your pipes are clear of moisture and allowed to dry. Freezing can destroy them. To be safe, add antifreeze down each drain and into the toilet.
  • Fuel and propane – Top off the gas tank and any propane. Apply a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank to keep the fuel from breaking down. Check with the facility if they have any rules related to propane.
  • Tires – If allowed to rest without moving for a long period of time, tires will develop flat spots. You can avoid this by removing them, or by deflating them slightly. Remember to inflate them to the proper pressure when you retrieve your vehicle from storage.
  • Maintain the engine – Now is a good time to perform routine maintenance on your engine. Top off oil and fluids, switch out filters, and clean off any visible corrosion before storing for a prolonged period of time, or it will likely spread.
  • Refrigerator –  Make sure to remove perishables from the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets. Clean the fridge with warm soapy water and allow to completely dry. Leave the refrigerator door ajar to allow enough air flow to prevent mildew from developing.
  • Exterior – Clean and dry the exterior as you normally would. If storing outside, use a cover to protect the RV from sun exposure, rain, hail, dust and pollen.

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