5 Reasons Why You Need Indoor Storage for Your Boat This Winter

Published on 7/15/2021

5 Reasons to Use Winter Indoor Boat Storage

Pontoon Boat Storage

It won’t get invaded by pests.

Leaving your boat parked outdoors over the winter can make it a haven for pest insects and rodents. Indoor boat storage is ideal for keeping your boat protected from infestations when it’s left idle for months. For those who don’t know how to store a boat for the winter, parking it with us is the first step at protecting it throughout the season.

Your boat will have 24-hour security.

If your boat is on a trailer near the road, it’s possible for thieves to pull up late at night or when you’re not at home and drive away with it. When your boat is stored with us, you won’t have to worry about thieves driving off with your boat and trailer. We protect your boat with perimeter fencing and monitored with 24-hour video surveillance cameras.

You won’t have to break any rules.

Does your homeowners’ association not allow you to keep your boat parked in the yard? If so, that’s another good reason to store it with us. You’ll have a dedicated spot for it without breaking any HOA rules.

It will be protected from the elements.

Making sure your boat is covered and stored indoors will keep it from getting rained on during the winter. Winter weather is unpredictable and very harsh.  Lots of snow, freezing rain and verrrrry cold, so having your boat in a protective storage facility is the key to protecting it all winter long.

Store Your Boat at MidMaine Storage Solutions

There’s no need to search for “winter boat storage near me” anymore. MidMaine Storage Solutions has plenty of storage space for your boat. Whether it’s a big or small boat, keep it safe and secured with us. Stop by MidMaine Storage Solutions and store your boat with us today!